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1. Background

I seek to exercise my Canadian Charter rights of free speech by drawing attention to the inappropriateness of electing Karen Cilevitz in 2014 to represent Richmond Hill (Ontario) Ward Five on Town Council. My principal concern is her inaccuracy in representing herself, in campaign materials, as a David Dunlap Observatory conservationist. (The reality is that acting in concert with developer Metrus-Corsica, under the terms of an Ontario Municipal Board mediated settlement, she has since 2012-04-12 been promoting the creation of 531 homes on the eastern half of the 72-hectare David Dunlap Observatory "Trapezoid".)

As part of this exercise of free-speech rights, I initially set myself the task of attending, as far as practicable, all of Karen's political meetings, politely and quietly making my position as a dissenter known to the other individuals present. However, from the spring of 2014 onward (as I explain below), I was directed by an out-of-court legal settlement to abandon this plan.

Being in hospital after surgery, I was forced to miss Karen's first political meeting in the 2014 election campaign, a pub meeting on 2014-01-25.

I attended Karen's second political meeting, a pub meeting on 2014-02-22, without undue incident. Karen used this meeting as an occasion to do something helpful to the community, namely, to explain the nuts and bolts of Town Council meetings (most importantly, to explain the procedures for getting permission to address Council). Seven or eight or nine or so people were present at her drawn-together pub tables, and five or six or seven or so people were present as an attentive audience at outlying tables, and a politically supportive musical band was additionally present in a kind of performer-stage area. Karen's behaviour was well within the bounds of ordinary parliamentary courtesy: she spoke clearly and to the point, and she even courteously cited me as the one person present at the drawn-together tables, apart from Karen herself, with experience in addressing Council.

I attended Karen's third political meeting, a cafe "Join us for inspiring and informative conversations with your Candidate" meetup, on 2014-02-27, with only minor undue incident. Karen started off in an impolite way, asking me "Why are you here?", but then let me keep my seat at her drawn-together tables. The meeting was rather poorly attended, with only Karen, three members of her campaign team, and me present. I found the proceedings rather dull, since the meeting was almost entirely taken up with discussions of the campaign itself. (This is the sort of thing that would normally be done not in a public cafe meetup but in a confidential candidate team meeting, held outside the public gaze in someone's private home.) I did try to steer the meeting in a more appropriate direction by asking Karen, politely, what her general political principles were. (The appropriate answer here would be a one-minute spiel, along the lines "I feel AA about social housing, BB about climate change, CC about residents' associations, . . .") Disappointingly, Karen said only that she had "lots of principles", and that she was not going to lay them out for me on that night.

[[Material, comprising 109 words as counted by the Linux "wc" utility, is herewith deleted, as required by the 2014-05-05 out-of-court legal settlement between Karen Cilevitz and Toomas Karmo.]]

My attempts at further participation in the democratic process were in part (but only in part) stymied by Karen. Analysts of the papers published at http://www.karen-vs-toomas-legaldocs.ca will be able to see either how much or how little I conceded, pursuant to Karen's actions in 2014 March and 2014 April, and pursuant to our out-of-court legal settlement of 2014-05-05. Commentary on my various concessions, apart from the commentary I chose make in my various paragraphs in our Minutes-of-Settlement "Schedule C", is under the Minutes of Settlement now prohibited to me. That prohibition notwithstanding, I am legally able to remark here that under the Minutes of Settlement, I was forbidden to attend all further Campaign Cilevitz 2014 events, even should such events happen to be open to the public or to be held on public property.

2. My

From: Toomas Karmo ‹toomas.karmo@gmail.co

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Toomas (Tom) Karmo
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